Nintendo Issues Warning to Those Cleaning Their Switch and Joy-Cons During Coronavirus Pandemic

Nintendo has issued a warning to everyone cleaning their Nintendo Switch and Joy-Cons during this coronavirus pandemic, which has everyone sanitizing everything every second of the day. According to Nintrendo, Switch owners have to be careful when cleaning the console and its accessories, otherwise both could end up with permanent damage. This isn't to say to stop cleaning your Nintendo Switch and the bits and pieces that come with it, but be careful if you don't want to damage your products.

According to Nintendo, it's been getting an influx of Nintendo Switch owners asking whether they can disinfect their Nintendo Switch and Joy-Cons with alcohol. The answer is yes, but you shouldn't. Nintendo notes that everyone should avoid using alcohol because it could harm the plastic parts.

“Recently, customers have been asking whether they can disinfect their Nintendo Switch consoles and Joy-Cons with alcohol," said Nintendo. "We’re very sorry to say please avoid using alcohol as it may cause the plastic parts to fade in color or deform."

That said, Nintendo also does not recommend using non-alcoholic disinfecting sheets, because, depending on the ingredients, this could also cause problems.

“We also cannot recommend using non-alcoholic disinfecting sheets, as depending on the ingredients, they may damage the plastic parts," added Nintendo.

So, what should you use when cleaning your console and its accessories? Well, for now Nintendo recommends a dry cloth, which of course may clean it of some smudges, but isn't going to do a very good job of disinfecting it. In other words the best thing to do is simply to wash your hands before and after using your Nintendo Switch. And of course, keep the console and its parts away from young children who may lick, bite, or do whatever unsanitary thing small children do.


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H/T, Kotaku.