Nintendo Faces New Backlash With Switch Joy-Con Drift

Nintendo is dealing with more backlash due to the ongoing "drifting" issue that is associated with the Switch's Joy-Con controllers. Ever since the Switch first launched back in 2017, owners have been reporting problems with the thumbsticks associated with their Joy-Cons that impact in-game gameplay. The problem has been so widespread that Nintendo has been facing multiple lawsuits for selling faulty hardware as a result. And while no major results have come about with these cases just yet, one group in the UK is now urging Nintendo to explore the issue in a new way. 

A UK organization that goes by the name "Which?" has recently pushed for Nintendo to open a new independent investigation associated with Joy-Con drift. In the past, Nintendo has claimed to have looked into the problem internally, but it has never hired an outside entity to find just how widespread this problem is. According to a survey conducted by Which?, the group said that many users who experience drifting Joy-Cons never end up contacting Nintendo about the problem, and instead, they just go to buy new controllers which are plagued with the same error. 

"Our research shows that drift problems continue to plague Nintendo Switch owners, yet too often they can be left footing the bill themselves to replace faulty controllers or face a lottery when they contact Nintendo for support," said Which? director Rocio Concha on the matter. "Nintendo needs to commission an urgent independent investigation into why this problem occurs and make the findings public. The video game giant must also commit to completely free-of-charge repairs or replacements for those affected by the problem and must promote this scheme so that consumers know that support is available."

In response to this push from Which?, Nintendo hasn't said much on the matter. The Japanese video game manufacturer has continued to claim that Joy-Con drifting is a problem that only affects a "small" number of users. Furthermore, it was said that improvements have continued to be made to Joy-Cons since first coming about over five years ago. And while this latter point might be true, it still hasn't prevented Joy-Con drift from being an ongoing annoyance to many Switch owners around the globe in 2022. 

Have you been having your own problems with drifting Joy-Cons with your Nintendo Switch? And what do you think about Nintendo's own response to the matter this time around? Let me know for yourself either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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