Save $15 on a Spare Dock for the Nintendo Switch


As a Nintendo Switch owner, having docks on multiple TVs would be a convenient luxury. No need to unplug the dock and carry it from room to room. Having a spare for travel would also be nice. If you agree, now would be a pretty good time to pick one up because the official Nintendo Switch dock is on sale over at Amazon for $75 - which is $15 off the list price. That's just $1 off the all-time low that happened for a short stint before Christmas.

Granted the dock still seems overpriced even with the discount, but such is life with a Nintendo Switch. There are plenty of cheaper, 3rd party alternatives like this simple adapter (currently on sale for 18% off with coupon) and the Nyko portable docking kit, but those kinds of products have dubious track records with regard to quality and you can end up spending nearly as much as the official dock when you add on AC adapters and whatnot.

In other words, it's probably best to stick with the official dock if you just want something that works and won't damage your Switch. Get one while the gettin' is good.

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