Nintendo's E3 2020 Announcements Seemingly Leaked Revealing Big Switch News

It looks like Nintendo's E3 2020 announcements -- or at least what they were going to announce before the show got cancelled -- have been revealed, courtesy of a new leak. More specifically, it appears that a slab of Nintendo assets distributed online have been hacked by a hacker who somehow was able to infiltrate internal developer servers. In other words, one hacker is about to learn the hard way why you don't mess with Nintendo, but in the meanwhile we have some news as a result.

So far, the alleged hack has provided a glimpse at the soundtrack for Pokemon Sword and Shield's upcoming Isle of Armor expansion. Meanwhile, not only has Flipnote Studio for Nintendo Switch leaked, but it has possibly revealed what the company was planning for E3 2020, or at least some of what it was planning.

As you can see in the image below, it looks like Nintendo was going to release the reveal trailer for Metroid Prime 4, announce the long-rumored Pikimim 3 Switch port and a new Paper Mario, reveal something Pokemon related, and more. What's perhaps most interesting about the image though is it seems to tease a big Mario announcement for the series' anniversary this year, which lines up with the recent reports that Nintendo is getting ready to announce a collection of remasters of past 3D Mario games.

Of course, all of this should be taken with a big grain of salt. While this rumor is making the rounds, nothing here has been confirmed. Further, Nintendo has not commented on the leak, and it likely won't. As you will know, it doesn't comment on leaks.


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H/T, Reset Era.

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