Nintendo Teases Strange New Nintendo Switch Device

Today, Nintendo released a new trailer for a strange new device coming to Nintendo Switch that has fans scratching their heads in confusion. More specifically, moments ago Nintendo dropped a new trailer dubbed "first look at a new experience for Nintendo Switch." The trailer features numerous strange devices that seem to transform the Nintendo Switch into a fitness device. As you can see in the trailer above, it's a bit ambiguous, but there's clearly some fitness element involved. And considering how big Wii Fit was, it's no surprise Nintendo is looking to tap back into that market.

Whatever the case, Nintendo promises a full reveal and information blowout next week on September 12, in other words, one week from today exactly. In the meanwhile, Nintendo fans don't know what to make of the new trailer.

Again, this is probably some return of Wii Fit, but for Nintendo Switch. So, Switch Fit, but this is such a strange announcement to tease. And what the heck is that circle thing? And we now live in a world where people are strapping joy-cons onto their legs?


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