Game Builder Garage Revealed for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch owners looking to learn about software development will have a new tool to do so when Game Builder Garage releases on June 11th. Revealed by Nintendo on Twitter, the game will offer basic tools that allow players to learn about basic video game design. There will be guided lessons that teach players how to create seven different games in total, but players will also have the option to create their own masterpieces in Free Programming mode. Those games can then be shared with others via code! The title will retail for $29.99 and will release digitally and physically.

A trailer for Game Builder Garage can be found in the Tweet embedded below and at the top of this page.

The Nintendo Switch touchscreen should make it easy for players to drag and drop things like enemies and platforms in each of the games. Those that prefer to play Switch docked will be happy to know that Game Builder Garage will support a compatible USB mouse. It's a surprising inclusion for a Switch game, but one that a lot of potential buyers should be happy about!

Game Builder Garage certainly seems like an interesting piece of software. For Switch owners that enjoy games like Super Mario Maker 2, this could be an excellent way to learn a little bit more about game design. Of course, the ability to share creations also seems perfect for an audience that fully embraced titles like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and New Pokemon Snap. It's a strange concept to be sure, but one that fits quite well with Nintendo's style, and a lot of the other software currently available on the platform.

With the game set to release next month, Switch owners won't have to wait much longer to try Game Builder Garage for themselves. The announcement adds to an already impressive line-up for the system right before E3 hits. Hopefully, Nintendo will have a lot more to offer throughout the rest of the year!


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