Video of a Grandma Winning a Round of 1-2 Switch Is Better Than Any Nintendo Switch Commercial We've Seen

1 2 Switch was a hit this Christmas from NintendoSwitch

Reddit user "legitarmadillo" has posted an adorable video of his family playing 1-2 Switch at a Christmas gathering. No doubt, this was someone's brand new Nintendo Switch, and the whole family was gathered around the TV to play and laugh together. Watch as grandma executes a stunning quickdraw and wins a the round. The room erupts in cheers and applause as she raises her arms in victory. It's too freaking perfect; it's the best Nintendo Switch commercial that Nintendo never produced.

What you're seeing above is fruition of Nintendo's vision for the Nintendo Switch. Heck, what you're seeing is the embodiment of Nintendo's game and hardware design philosophy, period. Nintendo has always been a brand about friends and families. Every console since the original NES has prioritized enabling players to play together with those around them, and with the Switch's detachable Joy-Con controllers, it's never been easier to share your games with loved ones.

In the age of online gaming, sometimes we forget just how special it can be to sit next to someone you can actually see and touch to play a game. Before the Switch launched, droves of elitist gamers were counting it out as a failure due to its hardware specs. If it can't keep up with the PS4 or Xbox One in terms of raw power, what's the point?

This video, my dudes, is the point. Cramming in more shaders and polygons doesn't always guarantee a fun experience. But getting loved ones together and taking part in an easy to understand, easy to play, fun to watch game? You're going to have fun; there's going to be laughter; special memories will be made.


We love the Switch for many reasons, and being able to take home-console-quality games with us wherever we go is definitely a major selling point, but being able to easily share our games with friends and family is the greatest feature of Nintendo's little hybrid.