New Nintendo Switch Patent Reveals Big Joy-Con Changes May Be Coming

According to a new patent filed by Nintendo, the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons may soon undergo some design revisions. More specifically, a new Nintendo Switch patent filed by Nintendo pertaining to the design of the Joy-Con has surfaced via the official Japanese patent database. And as you can see via images of the patent, it would allow more Joy-Con flexibility, permitting the top part to bend. It's unclear what benefits this design could bring to a larger audience, however, some Nintendo fans have pointed out the design could be very beneficial to gamers with hand disabilities.

Beyond the added flexibility at the top, this design seems to be a standard Joy-Con. In other words, other than this specific design change, there doesn't seem to be anything different about the new Joy-Con patent. And unfortunately, the patent itself is in Japanese, so it's difficult to dissect any further details confidently. That said, below you can check out some of the images found within the patent:

Now, it's important to note, companies patent things all the time that never come to fruition, especially an experimental company like Nintendo. Obviously, Nintendo is exploring Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con revisions and design changes, but who knows what will make it to market. Hardware manufacturers constantly patent hardware designs that never make it to the consumer market for one reason or another, and I wouldn't be surprised if this is another example of just that. However, it's interesting to know that Nintendo is messing around with its Joy-Con design, which I think certainly leaves a bit to be desired.

So, take this patent with a grain of salt. It's real, but who knows what will come from it. My guess is nothing, but don't take that to the bookies.

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Source: IPForce via Nintendo Everything.