Nintendo Says the Switch Lite Is Not a 3DS Replacement

Nintendo revealed a new version of the Nintendo Switch today that’s called the Nintendo Switch Lite. The reveal was big news for anyone who’s already a fan of the Switch or someone that’s been on the fence about buying one due to price or some other reason. For the Nintendo 3DS crowd though, this might be another cause for concern that Nintendo is worrying less about the strictly handheld device as it focuses on the Switch. Nintendo, however, says that it’s still planning on supporting the 3DS family of devices.

Amid the reveal of the Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser spoke to The Verge about the plans for the 3DS devices. When asked about its intentions, Bowser provided a comment that was admittedly a pretty standard response but one that should alleviate any immediate concerns about the life of the 3DS family.

“We’ll continue to support our 3DS family of systems as long as there is demand,” Bowser told The Verge.

If you didn’t see the original announcement about the Nintendo Switch Lite, you might be wondering why the Lite version would pose any greater risk to the 3DS line than the normal Switch one. Details about the console can be seen here, but the trait it boasts that would be most damning for the 3DS is the fact that it’s only playable in handheld mode. Since you can’t hook it up to a TV and can only play it like you would an undocked base Switch, it’s effectively given the 3DS family some more internal competition. Some games may draw people to the 3DS line, but many of Nintendo’s biggest series are gravitating towards the Nintendo Switch with Pokemon Sword and Shield, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Luigi’s Mansion being just a few examples of this.


Though the games are moving to the Switch, the prices of the 3DS devices make that family a more attractive options for any Nintendo fan who’s on a budget. The Switch Lite costs less than the base Switch at just $199.99 while the 2DS is still lower than that. One would imagine that the lower price would keep the 3DS family in the sights of Nintendo fans, though that could always chance if Nintendo’s stance changes one day and it moves away from the devices.

Just as we’ve seen with Nintendo 3DS and Switch devices in the past, there’s also a special edition of the Switch Lite that features the Legendary Pokemon from Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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