More Details Emerge on New Nintendo Switch Models

More details have surfaced on the two new Nintendo Switch models that Nintendo is reportedly creating. The initial report that suggested the updated Switches are being created has been corroborated by a second report from Eurogamer that offered more details on the Switches and their features. One of the devices is indeed geared towards more casual gamers and takes cues from the history of Nintendo’s 3DS devices, the new report said, and the second device will be more powerful than a normal Switch and will be geared more towards dedicated players.

Citing the initial report from The Wall Street Journal that first broke news of the two new Switch devices that are reportedly in the works, Eurogamer said it’s own sources verified those claims. “Sources close to Nintendo” confirmed that the information about the new Switch models aligned with what they’d heard and said “Nintendo is hoping to cater to the same two audiences it eventually evolved 3DS to serve with 2DS and New 3DS XL,” according to Eurogamer.

Those who are still using Nintendo’s 3DS device are the targets for the cheaper, more casual version of the Switch that’s supposedly in the works, the sources say. Similar details were shared in The Wall Street Journal’s report, but instead of comparing the new Switch to the 3DS, Nintendo is reportedly hoping to recreate the value of the 2DS. The cheaper version of the Switch will be made possible by cutting out the device’s vibration feature, though Eurogamer said the specifics of that removal were unclear.

Sources also told Eurogamer of a much bigger change: The new, cheaper Switch will reportedly only be playable in a handheld mode. Details on if this device would even be playable in a docked mode were unknown, though comparisons were drawn to the Nintendo 2DS which came after the 3DS. The sources also claimed the cheaper version, like the 2DS, will be more “kid-proof.”

The New 3DS was also referenced when talking about the second, more powerful Switch. Eurogamer’s sources suggested that the improved performance will be comparable to the difference between the 3DS and the New 3DS.

Nintendo has not yet announced anything about new Nintendo Switch models.



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