New Nintendo Switch Lite Color Announced

Nintendo has announced the release of a new Nintendo Switch Lite color that's launching on May 21st. That date which is also the same one that the Miitopia game releases will welcome a blue variant of the Nintendo Switch Lite that'll be sold at the same price the rest of the colors are available for. This new color will be the fifth color option that's been released since the companion console to the full-size Nintendo Switch was first released.

Those interested in picking up the new Nintendo Switch Lite can check out the color below after it was shown off by Nintendo on Tuesday. Nintendo's site for its consoles has already been updated to reflect the new offering, but you can't buy it until it goes on sale on May 21st. It'll be priced at $199.99 just like the rest of the Nintendo Switch Lite consoles.

When the Nintendo Switch Lite first launched as a cheaper, more mobile alternative version of the normal Nintendo Switch, it was available in three colors: Gray, yellow, and turquoise. The coral color that's also available was launched at a later date with all of those currently listed as in stock on Nintendo's site.

The blue variant that'll be available in May may have some stock issues at the start since it's a new product, but chances are you'll be able to get one pretty easily if you want to. That's because the Nintendo Switch itself has often been hard to find in stock somewhere in the past, and while finding a Nintendo Switch Lite hasn't always been a simple process, it's been easier to find compared to the base Switch. The Nintendo Switch Lite had Joy-Con drift problems as well which were complicated further by the fact that its controllers can't be removed, and the console itself can't be docked, but it's still a convenient alternative to those looking for a more portable option who wouldn't be docking their console much anyway.


But the real announcement from Nintendo that people are looking forward to is a reveal of the fabled Nintendo Switch Pro console. We've heard rumors and reports about the supposed specifications of this fabled console, but Nintendo has been adamant about not announcing anything about a Nintendo Switch Pro at all. Whether that announcement will come sometime this summer or if we'll have to wait longer for it remains to be seen.