Nintendo Switch OLED Video Compares it With the Current System

The Nintendo Switch OLED is still over a week away from release, but some lucky YouTubers had the chance to take the updated model for a spin ahead of time. A video was shared by Nintendo Prime, which features a side-by-side comparison between the system's base model, and the new version of the hardware. The video contains little in the way of new details about the OLED, but it does give viewers an idea of just how drastic the improvement in screen quality is from the current model. For those on the fence about picking one up, it might be a help!

The video can be found embedded below.

It's hard to say whether existing Switch owners will find the upgrade necessary, but for those that don't already own the console, this looks like the one to get. The colors really pop on the OLED model, offering a much brighter option than the base model. The difference from the standard 6.2-inch screen to the 7-inch one might not sound like a big increase, but its quite noticeable from the video. Everything just looks much bigger and bolder.

The video does contain one interesting detail that Nintendo has not mentioned about the Nintendo Switch OLED. Specifically, a change has been made to the back of the dock. The current model of the dock has a hinge that allows access to the ports for the AC Adapter and HDMI Out. The new model drops the hinge in favor of a removable piece. From a personal standpoint, I've always found the hinge a bit cumbersome when trying to plug things in, so its removal is a welcome change.

The Nintendo Switch OLED won't launch until October 8th, so fans have a little bit longer to decide if they want to drop the money for it. The cost of the upgrade won't appeal to all Nintendo fans, but now that we're seeing more of the system in hand, it's getting a little bit easier to start making decisions. Readers interested in seeing more can check out some new images of the console from earlier this month right here.


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