Nintendo Switch Online Adds New Batch of Retro Games

Nintendo Switch Online's NES and SNES apps have been updated tonight with a trio of retro games. The Super Nintendo app now has Rival Turf! and Congo's Caper. Meanwhile, the NES app has been updated with Pinball. These aren't nearly as high-profile as many of the other titles available on the service, and a lot of gamers might not have even heard of these games! However, it's nice to see Nintendo is continuing to provide new games for these apps, even as they support the N64 and Sega Genesis apps available through the Expansion Pack. 

A trailer for the three retro games can be found embedded below.

As far as updates go, this one is definitely an interesting one! Since first releasing on NES, Pinball has been made available in a number of different formats, so it's surprising it took this long to arrive. Of the two SNES games, Rival Turf! is certainly the more well known, but that's just because it has ridiculously cheesy box art, even for the era. The game offers beat-'em-up action similar to titles like Final Fight. Last but not least, Congo's Caper is a 2D platformer that's loosely connected to Joe & Mac. For fans of the genre, this could be the most exciting inclusion, particularly since it hasn't been made available outside of its original release on the SNES.

Nintendo fans have been begging the company for years to add Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars to the service, and that continued tonight following this announcement. The 1996 game holds a special place in the hearts of many fans, and it's one of the most high-profile games still missing from the SNES app. It's unclear if some kind of licensing issue is preventing the game's release (it was developed by Square), but the game was made available on the Virtual Console in the past, so it certainly seems possible it will release eventually. For now, fans will just have to keep waiting!

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