Nintendo Reportedly Releasing New Paper Mario and 2D Metroid This Year

According to a new report, Nintendo is releasing both a new Paper Mario and 2D Metroid on the Nintendo Switch this year. As you may know, these are two rumors that have been gestating since last year, however, they are now starting to make the rounds again thanks to industry insider and journalist Sabi backing them in a series of new tweets. Taking to Twitter, the insider noted that based off what they've heard, they feel comfortable backing word of a new Paper Mario and 2D Metroid releasing this year.

Further, Sabi notes that "Paper Mario [is] going back to how it was," suggesting it will return to the roots of the franchise, which fans have been asking for in recent years. Meanwhile, the tweets also mentioned that the new 2D Metroid game is -- in some capacity -- related to Fusion.

Unfortunately, this is where the details dry up, but if this information is accurate, we should be hearing about these games no later than E3, which is set to go down this June. That said, as always, none of this should be taken to the bookies given that it's unofficial information. While Sabi has been reliable in the past, even the best sources sometimes get things wrong.

For what it's worth, I've also heard a few things here and there about a new Paper Mario, but nothing about a new 2D Metroid. However, the latter makes sense, especially if Nintendo is trying to buy itself some time with Metroid Prime 4.


Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. Do you think Nintendo will release a new Paper Mario and 2D Metroid this year?