Nintendo Switch Pro Possibly Discovered in New Switch Update

Evidence of the Nintendo Switch Pro has possibly been discovered in the latest Nintendo Switch update. This week, Nintendo released the 12.0.0 update for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. The patch notes of this update don't reveal much, but it looks like the update is more than just what the patch notes reveal. Diving into the files of the update, dataminers have discovered references to what appear to be the Nintendo Switch Pro, the long-rumored new model that is said to be more powerful at the cost of being more expensive. So far, Nintendo has not commented or validated any of these rumors, but these files may do just that.

Taking to Twitter, dataminer Oatmeal Dome and revealed the new firmware has some changes that the patch notes make no mention of. According to the pair, the files make mention of "Aula," which is reportedly the codename for the console.

The files don't mention many interesting specifics, but they may suggest the console is capable of 4K, which rumors have previously suggested.

For now, take all of these files with a grain of salt. While they are indeed real, it's difficult to know what should and shouldn't be made out of them. Could this be evidence of the Nintendo Switch Pro? Absolutely, but there could be other explanations as well.

At the moment of publishing, Nintendo has not commented on this apparent leak nor the speculation it has created. It's unlikely Nintendo will budge on this position of silence, but if it does, we will update the article with whatever it has to say.