Mercenaries Saga Chronicles On Nintendo Switch Gets US Release Date

Yet another gorgeous JRPG is headed for localization on the Nintendo Switch, this time it's [...]

(Photo: Circle Entertainment)

Yet another gorgeous JRPG is headed for localization on the Nintendo Switch, this time it's Mercenaries Saga, which has had two releases in the U.S. on the Nintendo 3DS in the past. Now, all three games from the franchise so far are coming stateside again, on Nintendo's most popular console since the Wii U. The trio of games will release in Japan on the 18th, then come to the US and Europe as Mercenaries Saga Chronicles in February, according to a recent post by Circle Entertainment:

This release of Chronicles on the Switch marks the first time that its heroes are being made playable on console. It's also the first time that the debut game of the series is being made available outside of Japan, making its original hero, Leon, the "newest" of the bunch to players in the U.S. and Europe.

For anyone who might look at this and see it as a quick. contained game, there's plenty to do in the game, per the official Nintendo listing:

  • A total of 82 campaign chapters, in which your decisions lead to different routes and endings.
  • Numerous Free Battles allow you to power-up characters while offering extra challenges.
  • Multiple difficulty settings are available – clearing the game once increases the challenge further!
  • Maps with variable terrains that are decisive in battle – take advantage of your starting position to assist teammates and strike enemies in the back.
  • Buy and sell items, and then synthesize them into more powerful gear.
  • Change classes to acquire high class skills, and use SP to master them.
  • Enhanced gameplay experience on the Nintendo Switch: redesigned to perfectly fit a 16:9 resolution. The system improvements from Mercenaries Saga 3, such as Hate display and minion summoning skills, are also implemented for Mercenaries Saga 1 & 2 in this new Chronicles release.