The Best Star Wars Game Is Getting an Incredible Special Edition on Nintendo Switch

Earlier this month, Aspyr brought Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic to Nintendo Switch. Originally released on Xbox back in 2003, the RPG is often considered one of the best pieces of Star Wars media ever made. Switch owners that prefer physical media will be happy to know that publisher Limited Run Games has announced a release, and buyers will have multiple options to choose from. The base game can be snagged for $34.99, but hardcore fans can check out a Premium Edition for $89.99, or a Master Edition for $174.99! The latter two options come with a metric ton of extras.

For those interested in the Premium Edition, it includes a SteelBook, a commemorative coin, an Ebon Hawk metal pin, art cards, a poster, and a certificate of authenticity. The Master Edition includes all of those options, plus a replica Pazaak set, a Vibroblade letter opener, a pair of Darth Revan Hilt replicas, a hardcover strategy guide, concept art lithographs, and a "throwback case." The throwback case is particularly notable, as it's designed to look like a case for the original Xbox! While Microsoft and Nintendo have formed a strong working relationship over the last few years, the idea of an Xbox case to house a Switch game is pretty amusing! It's a neat extra, and it helps pay tribute to the history of the game. Images of the Premium Edition and Master Edition can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

Options for PC will also be available for the game. Pre-orders for all versions of Knights of the Old Republic will open on November 19th at 10 a.m. ET. The pre-order window will close on January 2nd, so fans will have plenty of time to decide which version is right for them! Manufacturing for the contents in the Premium and Master Editions will likely take a few months, but for big fans of the game, the wait should be worth it. And for those that still haven't played Knights of the Old Republic, a bit of extra time probably won't seem like much!

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