Critically-Acclaimed Wii Game Announced for Nintendo Switch

In 2009, developer WayForward Technologies released A Boy and His Blob on Nintendo Wii. A Boy and His Blob resurrected a long-dormant franchise that first appeared on the Nintendo Entertainment System, and the 2D platformer received strong feedback from fans and critics upon its release. Eleven years later, publisher Ziggurat Interactive will give new audiences a chance to discover the game when A Boy and His Blob releases on Nintendo Switch! In a press release announcing the Switch version, Ziggurat Interactive's Michael Devine seemed to tease that a new entry in the series might be in the works, as well!

"We are delighted to announce this new Switch version of the game, which is just the start of our long-term commitment to the A Boy and His Blob universe," said Devine. "Games like Blob only come along once in a great while and we are absolutely thrilled to continue Blob's journey with our friends at WayForward for new and old audiences alike."

For those unfamiliar with A Boy and His Blob, the game took the core concept of the NES original and made a number of improvements. In the 2009 title, players control a young boy trying to help an alien blob save its home planet. When the blob is fed jellybeans, it transforms into different forms, including a Caramel Cannon, a Tangerine Trampoline, and a Bubblegum Bouncer. There are four worlds to explore, with 40 levels in total (as well as 40 challenge levels). The game's art style drew inspiration from the films of Hayao Miyazaki, and Zigguart Interactive describes the game's story as "heartwarming."

A Boy and His Blob initially released on Wii, and was ported to PlayStation and Xbox platforms in 2016, as well as iOS and Android in 2017. The game seems like a strong fit for the Switch platform, and it will be interesting to see if its success does lead to a new series entry. At this time, a firm release window for the port has not been announced, but A Boy and His Blob is coming this fall.


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