Nioh 2 Is Getting One More Demo Before Launch

Nioh 2’s release is exactly one month away, but anyone who’s excited about the game or on the [...]

Nioh 2's release is exactly one month away, but anyone who's excited about the game or on the fence about it won't have to wait that long to get their hands on it. Sony and Team Ninja announced on Thursday that the game is getting a "Last Chance Trial" which, as the name suggests, will give people a final opportunity to play Nioh 2 before it releases on March 13th. That beta starts towards the end of the month and will continue into March.

The Last Chance Trial was announced this week by Sony with the company setting dates for when the demo will take place. You'll be able to pick up Nioh 2 once again on February 28th when the demo begins, and you'll be able to play it until March 1st when the demo concludes.

Sony previewed some of the content that'll be included in that demo. You'll be able to customize your character wield a weapon called the Switchglaive, and summon Yokai to assist you all while playing through three different missions. Your progress won't carry over to the full game, but you'll at least be able to preserve your character's appearance if you pick up Nioh 2 when it releases.

"The trial packs three missions for samurai to test their skills," Sony said. "Venture out Mount Tenno and face the deadly creatures waiting there with a variety of deadly weapons. Although your game progress may not transfer to the full game later, your created character's appearance does! So pour as much time into crafting your samurai as you wish."

The announcement of the Last Chance Trial also contained some gifs showcasing different parts of the game as well as details about various mechanics like the Dark Realm and managing your Ki. Those familiar with Nioh and others who've been keeping up with Nioh 2 during its development will probably be familiar with those concepts by now, but if you're not or just need a refresher, you can check the announcement page for more info.

This isn't the first time that we've seen a trial or beta version of Nioh 2, but it'll certainly be the last given the name of this trial. An open beta was held in the past following a closed alpha from earlier in 2019.

Nioh 2 releases for the PlayStation 4 on March 13th, and there are already plans in place for DLC after that.