First Nioh 2 Screenshots Revealed

Developer Team Ninja has revealed the key artwork and the first screenshots of Nioh 2, the highly-anticipated sequel to 2017's Nioh. More specifically, the game's creative director Tom Lee has revealed a whole batch of new screenshots and artwork to accompany another special announcement that the game will be at Tokyo Game Show, playable. That's right, if you find yourself at Tokyo Game Show later this year, you'll be able to get your hands on the sequel before anyone else. Tokyo Game Show is set to run from September 12 to September 15, and this is notable because this means the game will probably be at the show with a trailer and perhaps some news.

At the moment of publishing, there's been no word on whether or not the demo will made available to the wider public via the PlayStation Store, but if that were to happen, it will undoubtedly be a special announcement made at the show.

nioh 2 1
(Photo: Team Ninja)

"Hey folks! It's Tom from Team Ninja to give you a quick update on Nioh 2," writes Lee over on the PlayStation Blog. "To kick things off, I'd like to share with you the latest key visual showcasing our new protagonist. As you may have been able to detect from the visual, our central character is a half-breed. He is part human as well as possessing the extraordinary power of the Yokai. As a samurai warrior, his journey takes us through the treacherous Sengoku period of Japan. And his transformation from human to fiend will take him deep into the Dark Realm of the Yokai. I promise you that this metamorphosis will be spectacular and result in some truly intense action."


The news is capped with a tease that "Nioh 2 is on the horizon," which suggests it's perhaps releasing sometime soon, like, early 2020? That said, at the moment of publishing, there's been no official word of a release date or even a release window, but we do know the game is in development for PS4.