Rumor: 'Nioh', 'Diablo III' Could Be PlayStation Plus' October Games

Though we haven't heard what Sony has planned for its PlayStation Plus free games for October just yet, a new report suggests that we're in for not one but two huge games next month. No, we're talking massive.

PS Plus

Based on this report from PlayStation Underground, a Reddit user reportedly spotted both Nioh and Diablo III: Eternal Collection set for PlayStation Plus, based on the screenshot below. The games aren't available this month, obviously, so based on this marking, they could be made available as October 2018 selections.

pS Plus 2
(Photo: Reddit)

However, as always, you should take this with a grain of salt. Number one, the user didn't say exactly where on the PlayStation Store they found this listing. Also, this could very easily be Photoshopped. And, considering that Blizzard is finding big success with Diablo III: Eternal Collection right now (thanks to the recent Nintendo Switch announcement), we're not sure why they would offer the game for free, save for Sony offering some kind of deal with PlayStation Plus.

But still, Sony's selections for PlayStation Plus have been better than normal lately. This month alone, it's offered up both Destiny 2 (well, the core game, anyway) and God of War III Remastered, among other favorites. And in the past months, we've seen Mafia III, Dead By Daylight, XCOM 2, Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, Rayman Legends and a handful of others. So it certainly is stepping up when it comes to making its PlayStation Plus program worthwhile.

As far as when we'll find out what it has on hand, that'll likely happen next week. Sony usually saves its PlayStation Plus announcements for the week prior to the month that they're arriving on the service. And since October is nearly upon us, sometime like September 26 or so seems like a possible date for the reveal.


Nioh could certainly use the exposure, especially as Koei Tecmo builds up anticipation for the forthcoming sequel, which was announced earlier this summer. And Diablo III would be a good offering, though, again, we're not sure if Blizzard is ready to offer it up just yet, unless a new expansion is coming.

We'll let you know what's confirmed once the official announcement is made. Fingers crossed!