New No Man's Sky Fan Mod is Gorgeous, Out Now

(Photo: RaYRoD)

A highly anticipated mod for No Man's Sky has finally released to the public, and with it, fixes and changes to the already gorgeous game. Developed by RayRod, the mod serves as an overhaul that cleans up a few problems left over from the original game. The mod also adds plenty of new content, which was further detailed on Twitter through screen shots and short posts.

So far, fans really seem to enjoy the adjustments, which increase variation, add larger fauna and new structures, adds extra detail to the game like rotating clouds, and much much. Some of the major additions include all-new ship models and previously removed content from the original No Man's Sky. The game's Galactic Map has also been fixed up, adding spiral constellations and a more dense selection of star systems for shorter trips around the galaxy.

While initial reactions to No Man's Sky detailed a game that delivered on so much visually, but fell short when it came to things like run time and actually feeling like a complete game. The tides have turned since then, of course, with new updates over the past year adding plenty of things to the game that players have asked for. The first major update earlier this year turned the tune of the game's Steam audience immediately, and updates that followed included follow-ups to the popular Atlus Rising update as well as a helpful new save system.


No Man's Sky is available now for Playstation 4and PC. You can pick up the RayRod mod here.