No Man's Sky Players Are Thanking Hello Games With a Billboard

No Man’s Sky is an excellent example of a comeback story, a game that went through a tumultuous launch and came out the other end with the community’s approval. This was due to continued support from Hello Games through expansions and updates that added more new and promised content, and to thank the studio for their continued support, the community is raising money to buy a billboard. They’re already doing one better on that promise as well by donating excess funds to a charity.

The GoFundMe page titled “Thanking Hello Games” was created by one Cam G who said the goal was to thank Hello Games for its “heroic effort” that led to the current state of No Man’s Sky. It was created on June 2nd, and within just a few days, the community members – many of which came from the No Man’s Sky subreddit – had raised a considerable amount of money to prop up a billboard near the Hello Games home office. The billboard would will thank Hello Games and features the ascii emoji that’s commonly used by the community ahead of big updates and when anticipating new content. Beers and food for the Hello Games studio will also be secured with the crowdfunded money.

Hello Games founder and No Man’s Sky creator Sean Murray took notice of the GoFundMe effort and tweeted about it which no doubt brought in some more contributions from those who followed him but hadn’t heard of it yet.

In updates shared on the GoFundMe page after the goal had been reached, Cam said options were being explored regarding what would be done with the excess funds. A decision has been made with the money beyond the billboard and lunch expenses going towards the Sydney’s Children’s Hospitals Foundation, and the fundraiser will stay open for a while longer to allow anyone else who wants to contribute to take part.

“As for the charitable donations, I have chosen the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation as the recipient,” Cam said. “This will be done in the name of Hello Games and the No Man’s Sky community in celebration of Beyond!


“Our movement has gained A LOT of attention and I’m hoping the momentum can continue which is why I’m going to increase the goal to $6000 USD. I will still be keeping the campaign open until the 14th of July.”

We’ll see how much more the community can raise in the coming month, but look for more updates as the fund climbs and the billboard goes up.