No More Heroes 3 Gameplay and New Details Coming Later This Week

No More Heroes III has been a long time coming, but we're finally going to see more of the highly-anticipated action-adventure game later this week. Developer Grasshopper Manufacture announced today that a new live stream centered around the third No More Heroes game is going to transpire later this week and it will likely give us our most extended look at the title so far.

The live stream, which will take place over on YouTube, is going to transpire on Thursday, April 8th, at 5:00am PDT/8:00am EDT. Famed director Goichi "Suda51" Suda will appear in the presentation alongside a few other hosts, including one Vtuber. As for what we'll see of No More Heroes III in particular? Well, new gameplay footage has been guaranteed to show up, which is a nice change of pace from past discussions centering around the game that we have seen.

As a whole, gameplay for No More Heroes III hasn't been shown off all that much which is what makes this presentation so interesting. Grasshopper Manufacture showed off a bit of the game in action earlier this year during February's Nintendo Direct where the release date was announced. However, the footage that we were shown was spliced together pretty quickly. Hopefully, the upcoming stream this week will show off more of the moment-to-moment gameplay that we can expect from this third mainline entry in the franchise.

In case you forgot, No More Heroes III is slated to release later this year on August 27th and will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch. If any major news ends up coming about on the game later this week, we'll end up sharing it here with you on once it becomes available.


Are you planning to pick up No More Heroes III later this year? And what are you hoping to see shown off in this upcoming presentation? Let me know either down in the comments