Rumor: Nvidia's Next Flagship Graphics Card Has Leaked and It's Extremely Expensive

Earlier this year, we heard that Nvidia was hard at work on its most dynamic graphics card to date, with a reported release month of July 2018. We haven't heard too much about it since then, but a new report from YouTube Gamer Meld suggests some new details...along with a price that may have you wondering if advanced visuals is worth the cost.

The report, which also went up over at Resetera, suggests that the GTX 1180, the new card, will be coming on July 30. It'll be known simply as the GTX 1180, and will feature 8GB RAM, most likely GDDR6. However, the source that Gamer Meld spoke to noted that only the 8GB is confirmed at the moment.

In addition, they also said that support for DirectX 12.5 and 13 would be included, for those that have those systems in place.

But now comes the catch, and that's the price. The unit will reportedly sell for between $720-$730, making it probably one of the most highest priced accessories in Nvidia's history. That's not finalized yet, but considering its powerhouse performance, that's not out of the question.

Nvidia hasn't said a word about this yet, but is likely to confirm details at any given moment considering that it's just over a month away from hitting the market.

The responses that have come from the Resetera community have been mixed, to say the least. Member Ryoku noted, "It's delayed! You thought! It's come out soon! You thought!", while crimsonheadGCN added, "We'll find out that the retail box will come out next month and it'll contain an IOU for the card, which was delayed till next year."

There are some folks that are curious about its performance, especially with its 8GB of RAM ("Is that a typo?" one user asked) and others have also questioned the price, with one user believing that it'll be even "higher at retail," suggesting a possible $800 or even $900 cost.


The real question is if it'll be worth it. For high-end PC gamers, perhaps. But there's also the question of performance and how it'll hold up in the long run. Hopefully Nvidia will provide us with some details soon so we can see what the device is made of.

Look for more official news as it becomes available!