Obsidian Almost Worked On A Game Of Thrones Video Game

We’re hearing all sorts of Game of Thrones potential video game stories this week, what with [...]


We're hearing all sorts of Game of Thrones potential video game stories this week, what with that rumored Bethesda game being shot down after accidentally leaking. But now we're hearing about the possibility that Obsidian almost worked on a game based on the hit HBO show. Almost.

The developer, who just released Pillars of Eternity for consoles and PC, recently spoke up about the possibility of working on the franchise, but turned the offer down. Of course, that seems like giving up easy money, but the CEO for the company, Feargus Urquhart, explained to Eurogamer why the company turned down the option.

"My feeling was, understanding the IP at the time, it's about this political intrigue, and people's connection to the IP is to all these characters – that's how the books are written, each chapter is a person and what's happening to them,"

"Other than what weird stuff is going on beyond The Wall, and the dragons, and some hint [of fantasy/magic], there are no magic users, there are no clerics, no thieves. Basically there's dudes with swords and armour and a little bit of mysticism, but within the main land [the Seven Kingdoms] there's no goblins, no kobolds…"

"So maybe there could have been something we could have done, but we were starting to think more about open-world RPGs, and we wanted our players to have agency, to be important in the world."

Vice President of development Chris Parker added, "You can't give the player a character they can play that is important in this world. All of the important characters are all clearly spelled out and you can't even really go have a conversation with them."

Don't feel bad, though. Telltale Games did go through with its first season of Game of Thrones, and managed to nail it out of the park. We'll have to wait a bit for the second season, but it'll be worth it.