Okami HD Arrives Tomorrow – And Here’s Your Chance To Get It For Cheap


Tomorrow marks the return of the legendary Ameratsu to the video game world – and how. It’s been years since we’ve seen Capcom release Okami for a new platform, and, starting tomorrow, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC owners will be able to soak in the splendor of Okami HD.

The game normally sells for $19.99, but now you can get it for twenty percent off, right before it releases.

Green Man Gaming currently has the Steam version of the game on sale, going for $15.99, four bucks off its normal price. This deal doesn’t have a specified expiration date, but the price is likely to go back up once the game comes out, so it never hurts to jump early. On top of that, new customers can also score an additional 15 percent off as well.

For those of you that prefer the console versions of the game, you can order them physically for cheap through Amazon as well. The deal is available only to Amazon Prime members, but it allows you to get a beautiful physical copy of the game for only $15.99 plus shipping – and you can probably still get it around release day.


For those unfamiliar with Okami HD, and the treasure that it is, you can check out the full guide points below:

  • Take on the role of Amaterasu, the Japanese sun goddess who inhabits the form of a legendary white wolf Shiranui on a quest to defeat Orochi who is responsible for turning the world into a wasteland
  • Players must use Amaterasu's magical abilities and arsenal of items, attacks and Celestial Brush techniques to restore the land of Nippon to its previous glory full of life and color.
  • Along the way, Amaterasu will be called upon to help a cast of quirky and intriguing characters and defeat a bevy of brutal enemies to rid the land of Orochi's curse.
  • Players will be able to choose between playing in a modern widescreen format or the original 2007 release's 4:3 ratio.
  • Interactive loading game screens from the original game are also included, allowing players to earn bonus demon fangs which can be traded for in-game items.

Okami HD arrives tomorrow for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.