Classic Call of Duty Games Revived by Hundreds of Thousands of Players on Xbox

A bunch of old Call of Duty games are having a resurgence on Xbox right now. The Call of Duty series is one of the most tried and true online franchises in gaming. Every holiday season for the last 20 years, a new Call of Duty has been released. A ton of different types of games in the series have made their mark, with different groups of players having their preferences on their favorite eras of Call of Duty. Some prefer the World War II games, some prefer the modern era games, some prefer the futuristic games. Despite the fact that it's a series that has a pretty familiar formula, Activision has done a good job of making sure there's enough variety.

However, a lot of peoples' favorite entries have been virtually unplayable for a while. Almost every Call of Duty on Xbox 360 was made backward compatible for Xbox One and subsequently Xbox Series X, but after a short while, the multiplayer for these games became basically unplayable as the servers didn't function properly. Activision fixed these games earlier this week and now, players are returning to them in mass. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a game from 2011, has nearly 70,000 active players on Xbox. Call of Duty: Black Ops has over 100,000. These player counts are more than what Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022) has on Steam right now, meaning tons of players are returning and reviving these once dead games. On top of that, Xbox has also put the Call of Duty franchise on sale, so you can get many of these older games for about $10 – $15.

It's unclear exactly what was preventing these games from being fixed previously. It seems like there's been a lot of demand for this to happen and now players are actively playing these games. With that said, it likely has something to do with the Activision deal being allowed to go through in the United States, despite the fact it hasn't closed quite yet.

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