OnRush Getting a Free Play Weekend ‘Soon’


Oh, man. There's probably no racing game out there right now that's amazing as OnRush. As you can see from our review, it's truly something when it comes to competitive action; and it's just fun as hell to play especially with all the cool stuff you unlock.

But if you haven't experienced it yet, don't worry. There will be an opportunity to test drive the game soon.

The official OnRush Facebook page has announced that it's hosting a free weekend for European PlayStation 4 owners, running from July 6 through 9. During that time, players will be able to experience the full game at no charge including its various modes and vehicles.

Now, as a U.S. gamer, you're wondering, "Well, how does that apply to me?" Well, while you don't have the free weekend yet, the developers at Codemasters Evo has confirmed that it has something like that planned and happening very soon.

"Xbox & PlayStation US players DON'T YOU WORRY!" it notes in a follow-up post on the Facebook page. "We have some juicy stuff coming up for you guys soon!"

As far as what this "juicy stuff" is, more than likely it's a free weekend for newcomers to try the game out. But the developer could also be planning some special events during that time or unlocking exclusive items for players to earn, including all-new dances (though nothing will beat the chicken dance, obviously) and new liveries. They haven't detailed just yet but hopefully we'll hear more soon.

Still, if you feel like taking a gamble, OnRush is certainly worth it -- especially if you've got other players that already entered the fray. Here's a quick quote from my review in case you need any more motivation:

"OnRush is something special. Sure, some collisions could be questionable; and the loot box system may not sit easy with everyone. But Codemasters Evo went back to its arcade roots with this one, and it shows. The whole competitive feeling may take a while for some folks to get used to, but it's a brave new approach that's sure to attract a huge online crowd. Not only that, but the gameplay and graphics deliver in a number of ways so that even the most unskilled player can discover the ability to take down opponents and appreciate mastering it."


If you really want to wait for the free weekend, that may be your best chance to get some car-crushing in without dropping a dime. We'll let you know once something is officially confirmed.

OnRush is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.