Onrush Servers Shutting Down Very Soon

The servers for Onrush are being shut down very soon. In the modern age of gaming, nothing lasts forever. More and more games are doubling down on having a heavy focus on online capabilities or being completely online as a whole. While more popular titles like GTA Online have been able to last for many years after its inital release, the titles that never really caught on fade away and quickly become obscure. Developers then have to make the difficult decision to kill online support due to low player counts and remove tons of features, gameplay elements, and the ability to unlock certain trophies/achievements. It's always a bummer and a rather charming racing game will soon meet that same demise.

Codemasters is pulling the plug on the servers for Onrush on November 30th. The racing game released in 2018 and although it didn't make a huge splash, it was a fun racing game that relied on all kinds of intensity and absurdity. The game was like a far more extreme version of Motorstorm and had buggies and motorcycles slamming into each other as they raced across off-road maps and tracks. It was a lot of fun, but that fun is coming to an end for those looking to play it online. Players will be able to continue enjoying the game in offline modes, but if you're trying to get all of the achievements and trophies, you'll want to scoop up any online-only ones before November 30th rolls around.

"Thanks to everyone who has supported our game – it's been a RUSH," said EA in a statement. "With player numbers in online modes dropping to low levels, we will be shutting down the servers from November 30, 2022. For ONRUSH fans who want to continue playing, offline modes will continue to be available."

As of right now, Codemasters is juggling other racing franchises such as Grid, F1, and Dirt. There are rumors that the developer is also working on a rally car game right now, but nothing has been confirmed. Only time will tell what the developer is currently cooking up.

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