The Duke, the Original Xbox Controller, Officially Returns This March


Many fond memories of the Xbox when it first released back in 2001 but one of those fond memories was not how clunky the original controller was. Because of the massive size, it was dubbed "The Duke" and has been referred to that ever since. Whether you loved it, or hated it - it was a staple in Xbox's history and now it is officially coming back into the newest generations.

Hyperkin announced a few months ago that they were planning on bringing back The Duke in all of its glory. Immediately fans thought it was not only hilarious, but a perfect idea: the perfect cycle of Xbox evolution. Apparently it wasn't just Xbox fans that were down with the idea, but the team behind the platform themselves; Microsoft. As of the end of March, you can now pre-order The Duke yourself because it is officially coming to gamers everywhere through Hyperkin!

The recently revived Duke is very close to the original controller. As seen in the image above, it's just as massive as before. The new and improved Duke will also be compatible with Xbox one, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and Windows 10, so it's much more than just a simple nostalgic nod. The animated screen in the middle is also a nice modern touch, providing more than just a simple display for the iconic logo.


The Duke itself will be available by the end of March courtesy of Xboss Phil Spencer and Hyperkin! We aren't the only ones excited either! Here are a few of our favourite reactions from other old school gamers just like us: