Original Xbox One Confirmed to Not be Getting Any More Stock

Xbox One

In an inevitable conclusion for the Xbox One, it's been confirmed that the original version of the console is out of stock in the Microsoft Store and won't be restocked again.

Seen over in the listings of products in the UK's Microsoft Store, the original Xbox One still has a page for the console along with a price and a description, but the purchase option is greyed out now. It's been replaced by an "Out of stock" button that doesn't allow for any additional options.

Console Deals noticed that the original Xbox One was no longer in-stock over in the Microsoft Store, and they had the bad news confirmed about the console that there are no plans to replenish the stock of the original version of the Xbox One.

News that the Xbox One's first 500GB version has been retired shouldn't be too surprising for those who have followed the history of older consoles being phased out in favor of newer versions, but it's still a blow to Xbox fans regardless. Many players have likely already moved on to different versions of the Xbox One such as the Xbox One S or versions of the original that offer a higher capacity of 1TB storage space, so some might not have even thought about the original Xbox One in a while.

The first version of the console came out back in 2013, the original Xbox One boasting a 4-year lifespan that's been inevitably shortened by the trend of step-up consoles such as the Xbox One S and the higher capacity versions mentioned recently. These new consoles don't offer the full generational improvements that have been seen previously in milestones such as the Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, but they quickly result in the previous versions being outdated be it by performance, storage capacity, size, or other factors.


Both the Xbox One S and the 1TB version of the original seem to still be buyable and in-stock, so those haven't met their end just yet. Of course, the upcoming release of the Xbox One X is also undoubtedly a key player in the decision to move forward with other consoles being left behind.

The Xbox One X is scheduled to release on Nov. 7 for $499.