Overwatch 2 Reportedly Being Announced Very Soon With Major Gameplay Changes

According to a new rumor, Overwatch 2 is going to be announced on November 1, during BlizzCon, [...]

According to a new rumor, Overwatch 2 is going to be announced on November 1, during BlizzCon, presumably for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but also possibly for PS5 and Xbox Scarlett as well. As you may know, similar rumors have been floating around for awhile now, but unlike previous ones, this one comes from a somewhat reliable source, or at least the source that leaked the game's announcements at last years BlizzCon. For those that don't know: this source is Metro, who also claims the sequel is bringing some major gameplay changes.

According to Metro, the most notable addition of Overwatch 2 is going to be an addition of a PvE mode, which will be packed in alongside an expanded multiplayer mode. Now, it's a bit unclear how similar the new PvP mode will be to the PvP mode in the game currently, but it appears like it's going to be different, which is a big reason why this is a sequel and not an expansion.

Interestingly, the source also claims that no new hero for the current game will be revealed this year. Why? Because Blizzard is focusing on the sequel and getting it out as soon as possible, which seems a bit odd, because the current game appears to still be doing quite well. Of course, it's possible the massive and recent PR hit over Blizzard banning Hearthstone players showing support to the ongoing protests in Hong Kong is speeding up the need to get the sequel out. After all, Blizzard really needs to sweep all of this under the rug sooner rather than later, because right now, it looks like it may start tanking. In fact, just today, multiple prominent figures in congress -- from both major political parties -- penned an open letter urging Blizzard to cut it out and revert its previous actions regarding the aforementioned matter.

Metro also notes that Overwatch 2 is adding some type of leveling system that will impact how you can play as any given hero, which would be another pretty major shift from its current structure.

Lastly, the leaker suggests the only footage of the sequel we will see will be one of Blizzard's signature cinematics, which will be accompanied by members of its development team talking about the title on stage.

Of course, all of this should be taken with a major grain of salt, like any leak, rumor, or report, however, as mentioned above, Metro has a documented history of Overwatch scoops.

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