Overwatch 2 Beta Ends with New Hero Teaser

The latest Overwatch 2 beta has come to a close, and with its end came another teaser presumably about what's to come. In this case, that seems to mean a teaser for another hero to be added to the game whenever it launches or at some point afterwards. This latest beta concluded with a teaser for a hero related to a fox of some sort which was seen in previous reveals for Overwatch 2, too, but we didn't learn any more about the character.

This new hero teaser was even harder to spot than the previous one, so there's a good chance you missed it if you weren't playing the beta right up until the very end. A message displayed right as the beta was shutting down looked like gibberish, but it of course had some meaning behind it.

Twitter user Hayzelet plugged the text shown at the end of the beta into a Base64 decoder which resulted in an interesting phrase: "What does the fox say." While the first thought that'll conjure up is probably the Ylvis song of the same name which doubled as an Internet sensation, it's also a pretty direct callback to the fox hero teaser we got previously.

If you're not familiar with that teaser, you can check out the trailer below to refresh your memory. At around the 1:15 mark, we see a blue spirit-looking fox bounding across the screen. Overwatch players – and now Overwatch 2 players who've tried out the beta – will know that there's nothing in the games right now that resembles this fox character that's being teased. As such, players are pretty sure that this is going to be a new hero.

Unfortunately, the new teaser doesn't really tell us anything more than the last one did. In fact, it tells us less since we didn't actually see anything related to the new character. It's merely a reminder of things to (hopefully) come which is better than nothing it seems as players wait for whatever comes next between now and the time Overwatch 2 releases.