Buy An Overwatch Blizzard World Map Of Your Very Own

With the Blizzard World map set to join Overwatch within just a matter of days, people are getting [...]

Blizzard World 2

With the Blizzard World map set to join Overwatch within just a matter of days, people are getting excited about what the new theme park-based map will offer for competitive fun. But you don't have to wait to show your love for the forthcoming setting, as Blizzard is offering an awesome little collectible if you need something new on your walls.

The Overwatch Blizzard World map is now available as a collectible print through the official Blizzard store. Going for $50, this map, which is about 10.5" x 16" in size, features a layout of what the map will look like in game, complete with certain sections for each part of the world. These include such attractions as Wizard's Sanctum Magic Show, Lost and Found Vikings, The Hellscream roller coaster, the Gates of Orgrimmar, the Zeppelin Landing, the Darkmoon Faire, the Command Center Lift Off, the Den of Evil, the Flight To Duskwood, and a number of other attractions. You can see the map below, and then decide for yourself when it comes to putting it up for all to see. (Of course you want to.)

In addition, the poster also comes with a Blizzard World Park Guide pamphlet/foldable park map, so you can have that for your collection as well. A certificate of authenticity is also included, because Blizzard apparently isn't a fan of knock-offs.

Here's the official description of the item, straight from Blizzard!

"In Overwatch, heroes do battle in diverse locations around the world. From locales such as the Black Forest to Watchpoint: Gibraltar, each location is unique in both objectives and win conditions...and Blizzard World is no exception! Celebrate this unique Overwatch experience with this exclusive print today.


Just a heads up. This will likely sell very quickly, and Blizzard is only offering about 1,000 of these bad boys, so if you're a true devotee to all things Overwatch, you really shouldn't miss out. Head over and check out the map for yourself, and then add it to your growing collection!

And don't forget you can check out the glory of Blizzard World for yourself in Overwatch for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.