This Female Hanzo Cosplay Puts a Stunning Spin on the 'Overwatch' Hero

Personal confession time: I'm a total sucker for genderbend cosplays. For me, it just shows that creativity knows no bounds and that cosplay really is for everyone regardless of the characters we love most. So when I stumbled upon this holycrapamazingandshe'ssobeautiful cosplay of a FemHanzo from Overwatch, I couldn't help but to share.

If you're not familiar with who Hanzo is, he is a hero from Blizzard's action packed first person shooter Overwatch. Hanzo and his brother Genji, who are both from Japan, are both featured in this game. One brother (Genji) wielding a sword and shuriken is part of the offensive class. The other (Hanzo), a bow-wielding marksman, aids in the defensive side of the game but is often used as a sniper.

This particular cosplayer is from Korea. Pion Kim is no stranger to bringing characters to life in stunning detail, including others from the Blizzard hit FPS. This cosplayer is incredibly talented with her craft, and you can see even more of her amazing work right here including favorite characters from League of Legends, The Witcher, and from comics as well!


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