These Overwatch Custom Nikes Are a Must Have for Any Hero

While there’s a lot of Overwatch related goodness happening at Gamescom this week, it’s the [...]


While there's a lot of Overwatch related goodness happening at Gamescom this week, it's the smaller stuff that's getting the attention of fans -- namely a set of custom Nike shoes that none of them should be without.

During a recent Fan Festival event in South Korea, a custom artist by the name of UPBOY revealed a lineup of specially made shoes based on several characters from the game's universe.

You can see some of these designs in the Instagram posts below, straight from UPBOY's account, but there's also this tweet, which shows off a number of the sweet models that he put together. And those Lucio shoes, whoa!

This video shows the entire line of shoes that UPBOY made with the characters in mind. We're sure there's a favorite for some of you out there.

We're also fans of these "Play of the Game" posts, which features characters along with their respective shoes.

There's currently no plan for UPBOY to sell the shoes, but, we're telling you, Blizzard...there's something heavily marketable here. And if Sonic the Hedgehog can get shoes, then, damn it, so can Overwatch!

As part of the Fan Festival, game director Jeff Kaplan flew in to premiere the new D.Va short that was also shown at Gamescom, along with a new Mystery Deathmatch mode that's currently in testing phase and the new Busan map. Hopefully we'll be seeing that content soon enough.

But, yes, release these shoes. We need to walk through the office in those McCree sneakers...especially at highhhh noon.

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.