New Overwatch Developer Update Video Looks Back On 2017, Maps Out 2018 Plans

Overwatch had a pretty good year in 2017, with the introduction of several new Heroes, along with events that introduced a bevy of skins into the fold. Plus, hey, its loot crate system didn't face any sort of controversy. Huzzah!

So what's next? Game director Jeff Kaplan provides a little bit of an update with a new video, talking about what the development team has in mind for the popular game.

First off, Kaplan took a look at what happened in the past year, with the introduction of three new heroes, new maps, game modes and all-new cinematics. But now, the team is "fired up" to deliver all new content to fans.

Kaplan noted that the Overwatch League is about to begin, and with it, the team will soon introduce skins that coincide with said league. He also hinted that the Blizzard World theme park map that was introduced at BlizzCon last year is coming "very soon," with the Blizzard franchise Overwatch skins to follow soon thereafter.

So, what's after that? Well, a "lot of stuff," according to Kaplan, although he "can't reveal everything we're working on." He did note, however, that a new Hero would be introduced to the game soon, considering them to be "very needed." The team is already testing them out, and, once everything irons out, we should see an introduction soon enough.

New maps are also in the works, since they're so incredibly well received. However, Kaplan also noted that story content is being looked at, since Winston's Recall was a big hit with the community. And Year of the Dog will serve as the game's next Lunar New Year event, with "significant content players will be very happy with."

Uprising will also make a return, but not quite in the way you'd expect, since it will be "evolved," and packed with "big ideas" that fans will appreciate. And the Anniversary event will return, with even more goodies to unlock. Finally, standard skins will be introduced into the year round loot box rotation.

Competitive play will also get a boost with a few tactical changes, with a lot of "big picture" changes in the pipeline. Nothing noted specifically, but it'll be interesting for players that are into that sort of thing.


Watch the whole video above and get ready for another year of Overwatch greatness!

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.