How to Score a Cheap Copy of 'Overwatch' and Free Golden Lootbox

If you've been dying to start playing Overwatch, and you have even mid-tier PC capable of running the game, we have some great news. You can grab a copy of Overwatch and a bonus golden loot box for less than $15 right now. The cheap copy of Overwatch is available to anyone; the free golden lootbox is only available to those who have a Twitch Prime subscription via Amazon Prime. Since Amazon Prime is so common, we're assuming that this will apply to most of you. That lootbox, by the way, is also redeemable on consoles.

For those of you already playing Overwatch, here's the deal. Twitch Prime is offering its subscribers a free golden lootbox right now. If you have Amazon Prime, you have Twitch Prime; all you have to do is go here to find out how to link those accounts. Once you're set up with Twitch Prime, simply click the crown at the top right of Twitch (it should have red notifications beside it), and you'll see the option to redeem your lootbox.

If you're playing on consoles, you'll have to link your Xbox Live Gamertag or PlayStation Plus ID to your Blizzard account before the lootbox can be delivered to you. Otherwise, it should be a painless and instant transaction.

But what if you don't have the game already? If you're a PC gamer, then you're in luck. You can grab Overwatch for $12 right now through the Humble Monthly Bundle. Click here, and you'll see the offer. Every month Humble Bundle puts together a collection of great games, all of which unlock each month for Humble Monthly subscribers. The headliner for October is Overwatch, so that means you still have a few days to pay the $12 sub fee, and claim the game (in addition to a handful of other great indie games). Once September is gone, so too is your chance to grab Overwatch at this price.


It's not a bad deal. For less than what you would pay for a restaurant hamburger, you can grab a generation-defining first-person shooter to sink thousands of hours into, and some premium swag for one of the heroes. September is almost gone, though, so act fast.