'Overwatch': Hero Skin Customization Is Just What the Game Needs

Overwatch took the gaming world by storm when it first released back in 2016 and despite many being skeptical about an FPS from Blizzard, the online game continues to be a smashing success. But just because it is loved by many doesn't mean there isn't room for improvements and a group of fans have come up with the best way to keep that gameplay experience fresh: Customization!

As the game is at this moment, players can unlock a variety of skins for their favorite heroes. The only downside is that - aside from specific limited-time events - most players that have been on the grind since launch already have all of the different skins available. This takes away that "reward" feeling of ranking up in between when seasonal holiday events bring in something new. Luckily, this community is dedicated to keeping the game alive and we're thinking the latest collaborative effort is enough to draw the eye of Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan himself.

(Photo: Reddit)

According to Reddit user 'Redeye998', hero customization is just what the FPS needs. As to why this design would mean good things, "Most people tend to focus on just a few heroes (if not just being one-tricks), so spending your points and credits on your favorites is a better idea than buying golden weapons for the ones you'll play in Mystery Heroes once a week. Also, there are people who have already unlocked everything, so an on-going customization option should be a big refresh to everyone."

The user also added a few more points as to how and why this would work:

  • Why original-skin only? - Pretty much the same concept with the OWWC and OWL team skins. It would be less confusing for the player to recognize the hero as well.
  • Unlocked with Competitive points. Not sure how much. I think 1000 should be reasonable, and fairly easy to get within just a single season. It would be nice to be able to unlock with normal credits too.
  • Could either have multiple slots for the same skin, or just one, editable version (editing and fine-tuning should probably have a cost, though).
  • Weapons should be also customizable, unless a gold weapon is equipped.
  • Epic rarity - Same as OWL skins. Rare skins are just simple color variation. Epics contain more color variations and a few model/texture changes. Legendaries are usually remodels.

Now they aren't talking about wild core changes to how the heroes themselves inheritedly look, they are talking about the basic skins available outside of seasonal options. This would give off a more personalized vibe without taking away from the original design of the characters themselves. A small way to make the game more tailored to the individual player without sacrificing what the title itself is all about.

What do you think about the proposed customization options? Are you for, or against? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below! As for the game itself, Overwatch is now available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.