Overwatch Now Lets Players Swap Out Skins Before Matches

year of the dog

The lore around Overwatch is surprisingly rich for such a straight forward game, only made richer by the phenomenal work by Blizzard on the accompanying comics and animated shorts. Many of the skins in-game allow players to adapt their favourite heroes to various parts of their histories - that, or they just really want to look cool. Before now, if a player wanted to have a certain style for their character, the changes would need to be done in the main menu setting. Now, which is perfect timing with the new event coming up, it will be possible to do the swap right up until the beginning of a match!

For some, this may not seem like a big deal, but it's actually been a very requested feature for awhile now. With a game as linear as Overwatch, customization gives a level of immersion to it that many need to feel invested. The constant influx of new skins to earn also helps, and being able to swap out when looking at the comp's look is a really neat add-on. The best part for those that don't care about this, it doesn't affect the game in any way - so there's no reason to be upset and those that wanted this can squee with joy ... it's a win/win!

The below GIF (and announcement) sums it up perfectly with the help of the beloved Pharah:

This is one of the many changes with today's Year of the Dog update that brings with it a new map, Ayutthaya, new skins, a new game mode, and tons more!


For those interested, the Year of the Dog event celebrating the Chinese New Year is going on now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players and allows players to earn legendary loot while enjoying the new aspects of the game. After the event wraps up, the new map is here to stay - which is an even bigger reason to keep playing the hit FPS!