Overwatch Officially Announced for Nintendo Switch

Overwatch has finally been confirmed for a release on the Nintendo Switch, an announcement from the latest Nintendo Direct confirmed on Wednesday. The Nintendo Direct promised news about 2019’s Nintendo Switch games and made good on that promise by saying that Blizzard’s Overwatch will be available on October 15th. That’s the date which was previously hinted at in earlier reports and rumors about the game, though the entire announcement of Overwatch on the Switch has been a mass of leaks and speculation itself.

Nintendo included the Overwatch announcement in its 40 minutes of Nintendo Switch news during Wednesday’s Direct. This confirmation solidified the October release date which was previously hinted at in report which suggested the Switch announcement wasn’t far away. That report was based on leaked retail listings as well as Kotaku's own sources.

Before those hints about a Switch announcement surfaced, an Amazon listing for a Nintendo Switch accessory gave away the announcement. An Overwatch-themed Switch case was briefly listed on Amazon before being taken down with the case featuring Overwatch’s signature black and yellow colors along with the Overwatch logo in the middle. Following those rumors from late August, more speculation that Nintendo would be hosting another Direct soon fueled suspicions that the game would be included in the Direct’s announcements.

The possibility of Overwatch being on the Switch dates back long before these latest rumors though. Back in 2018, Blizzard was asked about the chance of seeing Overwatch on the Switch since it had plans to port another of its biggest games, Diablo III, to that console as well. Blizzard Entertainment’s senior producer was asked whether or not Overwatch would work with Nintendo’s console, the producer said it was possible.

“Anything is within the realm of possibility," he told GameSpot. "Our team was given the task to work on this. If [Overwatch developer] Team 4 picks up that endeavour, that's on them. As of right now Diablo is our only focus on Switch."


Stilwell continued to say “it is feasible” that the Switch could run Overwatch. Nintendo Switch owners will find out for themselves if it’s indeed feasible to have it run at an acceptable and enjoyable level when the game releases for that platform in October.

Overwatch releases for the Nintendo Switch on October 15th.