Overwatch Teases New Hero, Fans Can't Stop Making Sonic Comparisons

Earlier this week we shared that the Overwatch account was getting a little busy with teasing new content for the wildly popular online shooter from Blizzard. Though a simple GIF, the implications of a new hero were strong. Now they're back with yet another GIF but this time we're getting the "Gotta go fast" vibe, which is something!


Even Blizzard got in on the Sonic jokes, because come on - they really set that one up:

But in reality, there are a few theories as to who the character *actually* is, most pointing to Hammond. Hammond is a hero mentioned in the lore of Overwatch that was experimented on alongside our beloved Winston. Hammond is definitely out there and has been visible in the game's narrative which leads many to believe that he will be playable at some point. I guess you could say we're "rolling with it" as far as theories go (we have puns).

Realistically speaking, if he's like Winston he'll probably be a Tank class. With Brigette having been the last hero to be introduced, and Moira before that, this move would only make sense. But it did get me thinking, as an Overwatch player myself - would would I want to see?

For me personally, I main as Lucio foremost unless we already have a healer, so then I'll drop to Reinhardt or Pharah. To say I like diversification in playstyles is a massive understatement. Shifting away from shooters for a bit, I'm a huge lover of dual wielding daggers in-game, particularly with my RPGs, so that made me think ... why can't we have that in Overwatch?

Every hero in the Blizzard shooter has a drastically different playstyle. Pharah with her rockets, good 'ol Torbs with his turrets (oh, I mean his "baby"), and Mei with that damn ice wall. Though there already is a sword-doting badass with Genji, I'd love to see a DPS character with dual daggers. If we're going full-on what I would like to see, I'd love to see a punked out woman. Sombra has that edge, but it comes more into the techno side to fit in with the hacker persona. Tracer has the punk skin, but that's not who her character is. I want a leather jacket wearin', smirk sportin' badass with daggers that are there to keep you off that payload. A guitar heavy ult sound would be sweet as well, but I think that may be pushing it a bit far.

Or, we could go total left field and have dual crossbows instead. Might I suggest pulling inspo from Diablo III's Demon Hunter class, perhaps?


Am I wrong? Do we need another tank or healer more? Orisa is pretty powerful, and the gun game is strong so we definitely want to hear more about the thought process of other players. Sound off with your opinions in the comment section below and tell us what you want to see join the roster next.

H/T GameSpot