'Overwatch' Winter Event Goes Live, Servers Immediately Crash

The Overwatch Winter Wonderland event is now live and unfortunately for those itching to play it, it's also incredibly broken. The good news though is that every single event in Overwatch has a long queue time when it first launches, but it always evens out shortly after. Still, for those wanting in on that Junkrat Krampus action right now - you're going to have a hard time.

Overwatch fans immediately took to Twitter to air out their greviances with the long wait times:

For those familiar with Overwatch - and online games in general - this isn't all that unexpected. Despite being a few years old, the events still draw in an insane amount of players and with Blizzard teasing some of the new skins throughout the week, it's not surprising to see so many waiting to get into a match.

We are told that Blizzard is aware of the issue, so hopefully players will see those queue times drop dramatically here pretty soon. In the mean time, you can check out some of the incredible new skins - including the adorable Arctic Fox Lucio one - right here with our previous coverage!

Are you excited to see the Winter Wonderland event return once more in the world of Overwatch? What other skins would you like to become available for your main? Join in on the conversation and sound off with your hopes and dreams in the comment section below! Or you can hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy! I promise I'm a good healer - though I'm not afraid of being an epic Reinhardt if need be!