Pac-Man Will Soon Be Playable On Twitch

There’s a new version of Pac-Man releasing next month called Pac-Man Live Studio that’ll let people play the classic game through Twitch. The announcement of the new game came from Amazon Games and Bandai Namco this week to introduce Pac-Man players to the web browser game which can be played by up to four different people at once. Other features included in the game like the Studio Mode will allow players to create their own Pac-Man mazes to experiment with and to share those mazes with others. You can also play the classic Pac-Man game without any of the frills if you’d prefer.

The new game is releasing in June as part of the 40th anniversary of Pac-Man, though it doesn’t yet have a set release date. A site’s already ben set up for the game, however, to give players an overview of Pac-Man Live Studio and its features.

For people who want to play together in the new Pac-Man game, one of the best ways to do that seems like it’ll be the Endless Mode. You shoot for the highest score possible, but you only get one life. The trick here is that it can be played with up to four people, and as long as one person finishes the maze, the entire team gets to move onto the next level.

You could also always just build your own levels for players to chomp through. The Maze Creator feature will let you do with several different options including where the ghosts will appear and how many powerups are littered throughout the maze.

“Build your own chomping grounds. Want to put fruit in the community diet? Maybe an extra power pellet or two?” Amazon Games said about the new feature. “Create your own mazes using the Pac-Man Live Studio Maze Creator. Set your own max scores and craft new mazes for Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde to patrol. The more your maze is played and liked by the community, the higher it rises in the Most Popular menu of Select Mazes.”


The Classic Mode will put players back in the original Pac-Man game with no custom mazes or other tricks to change things, so you can always go to that if you’re looking for something a bit more familiar. The high scores in this mode will be shared throughout the world, so expect to see some exceptionally high scores.

Pac-Man Live Studio is scheduled to release on Twitch in June.