Pandemic Legacy: Season Zero Teased

The next Pandemic Legacy game will be a prequel to the previous installments of the series. Earlier today, Z-Man Games released a teaser for Pandemic Legacy: Season Zero, the next installment of its popular Pandemic Legacy line of games designed by Matt Leacock and Rob Daviau. The teaser and a leaked cover image seemed to hint that Pandemic Legacy: Season Zero will have a Cold War spy theme, likely tying in with the origins of the pandemics that crippled the world over the course of the other two games.

The Pandemic Legacy games are a spinoff of the cooperative Pandemic board games, in which players battle to contain multiple diseases as they spread across the globe. Each player takes on a different role, granting them unique powers that help in the discovery of vaccines for each disease. While the basic gameplay remains the same as in the normal Pandemic, Pandemic Legacy is unique in that players play through a multi-session storyline in which the results of one game impact the next playthough, either through the addition of new rules or cards, or by uniquely affecting the game board. Pandemic Legacy: Season Two reversed the typical globe-trotting nature of the Pandemic series by establishing that the players were venturing forth from a part of the world previously cut off by the pandemic and gradually discovered how the pandemic impacted other countries and continents.

No release date was announced for Pandemic Legacy: Season Zero, but Z-Man previously teased that their third Pandemic Legacy game (intended to be the final game of the trilogy) would be released in Spring 2020. Z-Man decided to hold off on Pandemic announcements and releases in lieu of the actual COVID-19 pandemic, but it seems possible that the game will still be released sometime this year.

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