Papers, Please Officially Coming to Vita On Dec 12th

(Photo: Lucas Pope)

Today, with none of the fanfare that several titles have had over the course of PSX, the creator of Papers, Please confirmed that the game is officially coming to the Playstation Vita. Developer Lucas Pope took to Twitter to share the news, telling fans that they could expect the game on December 12th.

Papers, Please follows the player as they check documents in a fictional cold war-esque era. The most basic explanation is that the player must make sure all of the people coming through their office have their papers in order. Following a six-year war under a communist state, the winning territory must now control the immigration across its border and into its border town. The game's story unfolds beyond the Soviet DMV premise into a tough story about morality and change. Pope's inspiration for the game came from watching the border agents in his own country, coupled with the spy-focused dramas that took Hollywood by storm following the Cold War. The player quickly finds themselves tangled up in spy affairs, because -- well -- their job is to catch possible spies from enemy countries who may be trying to get in via the new border entry.

The game's steadfast 10/10 rating on Steam has held since almost day one, making it one of the most talked-about indie titles of 2013, taking home several awards from prestigious shows the like Independent Games Festival, the Game Developers Choice Awards, and BAFTA's annual Video Games Awards. It has sold over one million copies since its original release.

The original shift to Playstation Vita was first announced way, way back in 2014, so fans who have been waiting for the game's arrival can finally rest easy knowing that it is only days away.

Papers, Please is out now on Steam, iOS, Android, PC, and Linux.