Pathfinder Announces Surprise Playtest for Two New Classes

The guardian and the commander are coming to Pathfinder Second Edition.

Two new classes are coming to Pathfinder Second Edition, with a playtest starting later this month. Paizo has revealed a full slate of plans for its upcoming War of the Immortals event, which will span across multiple rulebooks and Adventure Paths. Included in those plans is a playtest launch for two new classes – the guardian and the commander – with a playtest for both classes set to launch on April 29th. During a Paizo livestream, the Commander (likely a Pathfinder 2E take on the Warlord class) was described as "Intelligent and Clever" while the Guardian was described as heavily armored. Both classes will be featured in the 2025 rulebook, which will likely focus on martial warfare and classes. 

Paizo also revealed the identity of the major god that will die during the War of the Immortals event: Gorum, the god of warfare and battles. Paizo has been teasing the death of one its core pantheon for months, although the means of his death remains unrevealed. However, Gorum's death will cause the "Godsrain," a literal shower of Gorum's blood that falls on Golarion (the world of Pathfinder's campaign setting) and causes both war and "mythic power" where it touches. 

The War of the Immortals will be the focus of several tie-in books, including the War of the Immortals rulebook, which will introduce both mythic rules and two new classes – the animist and the exemplar. Paizo will also release two new Adventure Paths, Curtain Call and Triumph of the Tusk. Curtain Call will be a high-level adventure path taking players from 11th level to 20th level and features the players trying to produce an opera based on their past exploits as the Godsrain starts. Triumph of the Tusk is set in the orc nation of Belzen and will take players from 3rd level to 11th level. 

Also tying into the War of the Immortals is Pathfinder Lost Omens: Divine Mysteries, a lore-focused rulebook that explores and updates the gods of Golarion, and Pathfinder: Godsrain, a new hardcover novel by Liane Merciel that follows four of the Pathfinder Iconics (characters representing various character classes) as they experience the Godsrain. 

The War of the Immortals event kicks off in July 2024.