Persona 5 Video Reveals Controversial Cut Content

A new Persona 5 video is making the rounds on Twitter for showing a controversial scene that was cut from the PlayStation game at some point during development by developer Atlus. Both Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal are brimming with content, with both games offer well over 100 hours of entertainment. Yet, just like any game, it once had even more content that was cut during development for various reasons. To this end, players are relieved to see one scene, in particular, was cut before the final release. 

As relayed over on Twitter by Faz, the scene involving Ryuji after Shido Palace was originally going to be quite different. In the game's files, there are both unused audio and animations showing everyone hitting the character. Why this scene was ultimately cut, we don't know, but fans are happy to see it didn't make its way into the game. 

Below, you can check out the scene for yourself, courtesy of the aforementioned Faz. That said, it's worth pointing out that the video hasn't been revealed by Atlus or Sega or anyone involved with either, so take tist into consideration while watching it. There's no reason to suspect any type of fabrication or manipulation of the scene, but this nonetheless isn't something that's been revealed in a behind-the-scenes video or by a former developer on the game. 

As noted, many fans of the series are relieved that the scene never made it to the game, pointing out a variety of issues, including how out of character the scene is for some of the characters involved.

"Yeah no I know it's supposed to be just jokes but I'm glad they took this out these lines feel so out of character," reads the most popular reply. "Holy **** that was over the top. People already have issues with what ended up in the game, imagine if this was still included. Just Ann and maybe Futaba's original lines/actions were all that were needed for the 'joke'. Those cut scenes were definitely crossing a line," adds another popular reply.


If any more information on why this scene didn't make it into the final version of the game or when exactly it was cut during development surfaces, we will update the story accordingly.