Persona 6 May Not Be PlayStation Exclusive

Throughout the 25-year history of the Persona series, the franchise is one that has largely only [...]

Throughout the 25-year history of the Persona series, the franchise is one that has largely only appeared on PlayStation platforms. Outside of some spin-offs and re-releases coming to select platforms in certain instances, the mainline Persona games are ones that have largely only landed on PlayStation devices. However, when it comes to the release of Persona 6--which still hasn't formally been announced by Atlus and Sega just yet--the franchise could finally abandon this pattern.

According to those in charge over at Sega, which is the publisher that Persona developer Atlus belongs to, the company is going to look to bring more of its titles to multiple platforms in the future. Speaking with Famitsu in a recent interview, Sega's vice president Shuji Utsumi acknowledged that the launch of Yakuza: Like a Dragon in 2020 went wonderfully for the publisher, predominantly because of how many platforms it came to on day one. From here, Utsumi said that the Persona series is specifically one that Sega will consider making multiplatform in the future. In addition, simultaneous worldwide releases also might come about, rather than seeing these titles release in Japan first.

Although Utsumi never outright says that Persona 6 will be a game that comes to platforms outside of the PlayStation ecosystem, it's surely getting harder for Sega and Atlus to ignore other hardware. In addition to Yakuza: Like a Dragon being hugely successful for Sega, the publisher also found great success last year when it ported Persona 4 Golden to PC. Not to mention, Persona 5 Strikers, which is the new action-focused spin-off in the series, has also done well for itself across Nintendo Switch and PC when it arrived earlier this year.

As a whole, Sega continues to find great success in recent history whenever it brings its titles to a number of platforms. With Persona 6 certainly being one of the biggest games from the company that we should see come about in the coming years, it only makes sense for Atlus to bring the game to more consoles. Whether or not this is actually what happens, however, remains to be seen.

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